Updates of Windows 10

man updating Windows

Certainly also it has happened to you! These working (or playing) calmly and zas! , the system begins to become heavy, slow, unbearable.

If this is your case, first that you must consider (that generally usually is), to review if Windows 10 is lowering updates in background.

We speak clearly, this part of Windows this fatal one. When it unloads the updates, it is understood that what really must go slow is the connection to Internet at the most, but is not thus, the whole PC begins to go as mythical 286.

And, to make matters worse, it already is that when this begins, not even it warns, it is only put to unload to his. The only thing that exposes it is the yield that comes down as the foam.

That is one of the reasons by which slow Windows 10 goes, but is the other, when it has unloaded the update and already it is in the hope of installing it. That already goes. Not only you must be kind to the unloading, but to see if there is some pending update to install.

What has been shelp, eye with this if you want that the PC goes to you well.

Generally, I must say that work on a daily basis with Windows 10 and is not a bad nor slow operating system (excepting by those two details).