Generational change of Windows XP

aim of Windows-XP

We are in a point in which no longer it fits but time considering to change of operating system. If you are a company, I would say that already you go behind schedule, if you are a user, perhaps you can hold a little but with ours loved Windows XP.

Either the great companies come it enough to us saying for or time, €œis necessary to change the operating system€. The last ones in adding itself to this one unavoidable change are the navigators. Popular JAVA I stop giving support for Windows XP. This can suppose that many of the applications Webs that at the moment work under a navigator, do not work correctly. The majority of them, probably is of official institutions.

Once shelp this and, knowing clearly that we needed a change system, what I install? Well. Then there are basically 3 options. Or I incline by a free software (yet what it implies) or a Windows 7 or 10. Windows 7 works rather well, but it is possible to emphasize, that according to our experience, Windows 10 also is quite stable. In case you want to see a little but our experience with Windows 10, you dejamo this post where we told you. Really, both systems we can say that they are stable but€¦ to change already old an operating system by another old one (Windows 7). I would not do it. He would try to install some version of Windows 10 directly.

We have already decided to change the system, we know what is chosen but€¦ the another very important existential question€¦ would my PC support that operating system? That question already is but complex. Normally a PC with Windows XP would have to work with €œa slight€ version or €œstarted€ of Windows 10. You would have to prove it. In any case, if it did not work correctly, sooner or later, you will have to raise a change to you of PC to not being, what has been shelp previously, that you do not work with those programs that €œnecessarily push you€ the change.