There are alternatives to the App de Facebook?

logo of facebook

Surely habras thought sometimes that app of Facebook goes very slow or that is hung.

Perhaps you do not know that in the market there are other alternatives. We told you as.

It is not any secret that every time, app of Facebook is but heavy, but slow and it is hung but.
It seems that whenever makes some update, app instead of to go to better, goes to worse. Another one of the things that you have perhaps not noticed, is that the battery of your mobile lasts less than what you hoped. You have tried to desinstalar app of Facebook? The mobile goes better, truth. There you have it.

Lately we have been proving one app call Metal. One is about light app that it has of weight some little 3 Megabyte! In addition, installed as soon as Megabyte arrives at the 10, unlike more than 150 Megabyte than occupied the previous one to us of Facebook. And if without saying one has become your better ally more, you must know that€¦ also we will be able to use Twitter in the same application! As you hear it. We will only have to choose in the menu of the left this option and in some seconds we can interchange from an application to another one, that easy.

And we are going to surprise to you€¦ for the direct private mail still more, you do not have to unload Messenger for Facebook! Built-in one already goes all. It is as having 3 applications in a single and without hardly occupying space. In this point, really you continue asking to you if you must desinstalar Facebook of your mobile? Type €œFacebook Lite€ forgets to you other poor alternatives, it is the same failure that the main application but with another name, you do not let yourself deceive!