To renew or to die


By all the companies the necessity is well-known to have a webpage for its company but, really they know the importance of having updated it so much in content as in technology?

Recently we have known the news that the great Google finder, was going €œto penalize€ the positioning of the Web that did not adapt to mobiles.

Previously to that, also realised Google shelp that it would penalize to the Web with a already obsolete technology as it is FLASH.

Everything aims at that, like it happens with the PC and portable that takes settled Windows, the Google company has taken control of the greater rank of market as far as finders talks about, and all, we must dance to are that they mark.

Once shelp this, one shows 2 options for the companies that at the moment have pages Webs.

First, I leave it everything as it is and it gives me equal if under pagerank.

Second (and but logical), to change the Web.

Nowadays, in the market there are many suppliers of services and Webs to be able to choose.

From Computer science Sajez, we want to recommend to companies that the renovation of its Web is necessary to be able to be in Internet and to improve his pagerank.

To the companies that not yet have webpage, nor that to say it has, that is necessary to have one, or better worse, but to have one. Nowadays if not these in Internet, you do not exist.

In Computer science Sajez we are designers of pages Webs. We adapted to its needs and their pocket. Furthermore, we offer our services for maintenance of networks in sherry and computer science support.