Experience with Windows 10

windows7 and 10

In Computer science S¡jez we have been living in first person a change on Windows 7 to Windows 10.

We told our experience you.

This one week, we have ventured ourselves to migrate in one of our companies, equipment with Windows 7 to Windows 10.

The truth that we must recognize that he has not been nothing traumatic, quite the opposite, quite easy. In this occasion, we must give an enormous €œOK€ to Microsoft by its work in facilitating the migration.

The migration was realised in 2 scenes.

First it was realised in a tablecloth equipment that counted on Windows 7. The important thing of this, was not the migration (already sabiamos that civil servant). Here it worried much the applications to us about external that we did not know if they went or not to work. Then, we did not leave our astonishment when verifying that yes, that worked perfectly. The compatibility is incredible that shows Windows 10 in front of already old applications. This very obtained.

After several days of tests, we can say calmly that Windows 10 is quite good, easy to use, very similar to Windows 7 and, since we have commented before, has an incredible compatibility with old applications.

The second scene was realised in a portable one with Windows 7. Portable with amount of applications used for all class of tasks and projects. Here, the migration lasted the time double almost (logical by the amount of applications).

We were with some small problems when I finish the migration. The equipment was tremendamende slow in everything. When we analyzed the problem, apparently the anti-virus that Windows 10 by defect brings, habia €œappropriated€ the system and I do not leave our anti-virus settled with normality. The solution was quite simple, to desistalar the anti-virus and to return it to install. By the others, all rather well.

To emphasize also, that Windows 10 even leaves to absolutely everything as was, the icons of the writing-desk (this is to be thankful).

Summarizing, the experience of the quite satisfactory migration generally.